From precious metals to pastel prints and French tips 2.0, these fresh takes on colors  and nail art are our current Inspiration. It's time to remove those winter dark colors.

TLC Treatment

​​Basic Manicure                                 $12
This service includes: Remove nail polish, nails are trimmed, soak, file, full cuticle cleaning, massage with a hydrating lotion,buff and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Pedicure                                      $35
Our Trademark Service. This service includes: Aromatic Foot Soak, Orange Oil Sugar Exfoliation Scrub, Leg Mud Mask, Intensive Callus and Heel Treatment, Extended Warm Lotion Massage, Parraffin Wax, Warm Towel Wrap and Polish.
​with Manicure    $47

Manicure                           $12
Gel Polish/Shellac Mani. $25 
Basic Spa Pedicure          $22
Gel Polish Pedicure         $35                                                                              Full Set        Fill
Acrylic                                     $22 up        $16
Gel Powder                            $30 up           $25
Pink & White Set                   $45   PINK $25
           Pink &White Fill                              $35
        Color  Healthy Nail       $35 up
            Pink & White Set       $45 up
BRISA CND Liquid Gel
            Pink & White Set       $65
            Pink & White Fills      $45             $30
Additional Services
Polish Change      
Hands                    $ 7
Feet                        $
French Polish          $ 5
Gel Polish Hands    18
Gel Polish Feet        20
Nails Design            $ 5 & up
Nail Repair               $ 3 & up

Deluxe Manicure                              $25
Prefect for hands that need extra TLC.. This service includes: Basic manicure with Orange Oil Sugar Exfoliation Massage, Parriffin(Hot Wax) wrap, warm towel and finish with polish of your choice.
Gel Powder
Special powder that is above the acylic nails system with an UV gel overlay. It's thinner than acrylic so it provide more natural look, more flexible and duability. Gel top will keep nails shiny and natural without polish.

Brisa CND Liquid Gel
Brisa Gel is a original liquid gel that is strong, wearable, flexible nail extention that goes beyond traditional gel for nails. Brisa’s patented technology results in thin, light, natural-looking nails that last. It is hypoallergenic: containing no acrylates, gluteraldehyde or formaldehyde. It’s also odorless, so it’s perfect for anyone that is sensitive to the smell or had allergic reaction to acrylic. Perfectly gorgeous natural-looking, for life's daily activities that are non yellowing formula.

Basic Spa Pedicure                                $22
This service includes: Aromatic Foot Soak, reshape nails, cuticle details, buffing, exforliation scrub, callus remover, massage, warm towel and polish of choice. with Manicure    $32

Princess Pedicure                                   $18.
This service is for children under 11 ONLY. It includes Aromatic Foot Soak, Natural Nail Care: Includes reshape nails, cuticle details, buffing, skin exfoliation scrub, massage, hot towel and polish.
​Signature Pedicure                                 $30
This service includes your Basic Spa Pedicure service with the addition of Orange Oil Sugar Exforliation Scrub, Intensive Callus Hell Treatment and Massage, Warm Towel Wrap and Polish.
with Manicure    $42

Gel Polish   
​Special Color Polish with gel that aplied on your natural nails and harden under UV or LED light for chip free shiny looks that last up to two weeks or more. Makes you nails stronger when wearing them and allow healthy nails to grow. No drill require on the nails.

Acrylic Nails          ​
The most popular form of artificial nails extension because of its durability, strength and low maintenance. Choice of color polish or Pink and White Acrylic for a Permanent French look. It's the classic look with gel top finish for the clean and shiny look with chip free white edge. Require fills every two week.

Nexgenail Powder
Color of choice Dipping powder that are use on natural or nails extention. They are light weight, durable, oder free and shiny natural looking nails. Strong and not thick unlike the acrylic. Special glue base that is water resistant and require very little drilling to the natural nails.